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Proven Development Process

In-House Capabilities Provide Foundation for Continued Success

  • Origination and Development
    SunEnergy1 starts its development process by locating sites and negotiating land leases Interconnection applications are submitted expeditiously to ensure optimal queue positions An in-house team with local relationships and expertise organizes all required permitting and studies Regular, milestone-based reviews by development managers ensure budget is adhered to and viability is maintained as more clarity into upgrade costs is received
  • Power Marketing and Offtake Execution
    Highly-experienced power marketing team maintains a deep understanding of offtaker needs and requirements for a financeable project Consistent throughput of projects results in regular discussions with a range of potential offtakers and ensures up-to-date and actionable market intelligence Leader in corporate offtake with several unique and high-quality counterparties originated over the past few years Team has had substantial success with bilateral negotiations, corporate and utility RFPs as well as regulated PUPA contracts
  • Engineering, Procurement and Construction
    Experienced design team staffed with in house professionals ensures that the project most efficiently utilizes the site's area and solar resource Consistent and high-volume procurement realizes strong purchasing power on tier 1 equipment Experienced team ensures high caliber equipment through established quality control mechanisms Comprehensive in-house construction team ensures that projects are well-constructed based on industry established best practices and in a timely fashion that adheres to budget Site specific design philosophy utilizing the most advanced PV technologies available
  • Long-Term Operations
    Internal team with manufacturer certified training conducts O&M on 14 sites, 3 of which are owned by third parties Local O&M team maintains proximity to all sites under contract and can attend to any issues that arises within two hours Conducts preventive maintenance activilies to mitigate the impact of issues prior to equipment failure Close relationships with inverter, panel, and tracking system manufacturers support rapid warranty claim resolution Asset management and market optimization includes sophisticated production modeling, risk management and proprietary dispatch algorithms
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